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Update by user Apr 19, 2015

Based upon HOA employee being scared of Pete Meier Ahwatukee Realtor do you think this would affect his ability to get contracts signed, inspections completed and stuff? Or would it be less risky to hire a different Ahwatukee Realtor?

Original review posted by user Apr 17, 2015

Pete Meier Ahwatukee Phoenix Realtor. This review covers what I believe could pose as serious concerns about Mr.

Meier's character as a Realtor. Mr. Meier is a board member of the Ahwatukee Board of Management homeowner's association. Realtors frequently work with and should work well with HOAs to be successful buying or selling your home.

Most buyers/sellers expect Realtors to excel in communications and interpersonal skills. Mr. Meier has been admonished for inappropriate conduct in his position on his HOA. Letters have been sent to Realty Executives and Arizona Association of Realtors about his conduct.

In his first six months, Mr. Meier hired an attorney and submitted two separate letters which could have led to legal action against the HOA if he didn't get his way. This money comes from the homeowners like you and me! Mr.

Meier never shared his concerns with the HOA. Instead, he fired off attorney letters costing the homeowners to pay an attorney to review and respond to. Mr. Meier never followed up on his threats.

I do not believe a Realtor should make threats to sue his HOA. According to the HOA, Mr. Meier used his position as a board member to "intimidate" an HOA employee to provide him "confidential" homeowner information so he could further his realtor business. An HOA employee reported they were terrified of Mr.

Meier based upon his behavior and gave him the confidential information out of fear. Mr. Meier also received a letter admonishing him for using his position as a HOA board member to pursue his realtor business. This is hardly someone I would consider to hire as a Realtor.

I would be afraid he would sue me if we did not agree on issues. I would be afraid he would try and obtain or share my confidential information. I would be afraid of him confronting me and intimidating me if he got upset with me. I want my realtor to be able to work with my HOA not against them and send them attorney letters when he doesn't get his way or intimidate HOA employees while working for me.

I believe it would be reasonable for any potential home buyer/seller to investigate before hiring Mr.

Meier. I would never consider hiring Pete Meier when there are so many great realtors in the Ahwatukee area.

Reason of review: Questionable character.

I didn't like: Pete meier ahwatukee realtor.

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Um, didn't Mr. Meier admit to doing what he's accused of?

Read his response below.

Sounds like a lot of drama - that's too bad. Always better to play fair, what goes around...


Why would Pete Meier who is a realtor fight with his HOA? He has to work with the HOA to get deals done.

How would you feel if he sold your house and the HOA wouldn't work with him? There are a lot of great realtors in ahwatukee. I would use anyone of them before using Peter Meier Ahwatukee Phoenix Arizona Realtor. Here are more links about Mr.

Meier. I have met Pete Meier many times. I do not like him or believe he has his clients best interests in mind, Only my personal opinion of course.

Would you use Pete Meier as your realtor? Would you use Pete Meier as your realtor?


What is this guys problem? He has bad reviews on the internet. Google these words and you will find them.

Pete Meier Realtor Ahwatukee


What is this guys problem. Google him and see all his issues in Ahwatukee

Google these:

Pete Meier Ahwatukee Realtor


Look at his photo. White tshirts under blazers when out when Miami Vice went off air back in the 80's. Nuff said!


Sounds like Pete Meier is an ***. I googled his name and he wrote a article in a newspaper talking bad about hoa board members.

Then I saw Pete Meier is a board member. If he wrote aboout me I would defeinately defend myself in a way Mr. Meier would not like. He looks old so he probably would be easy.

I wonder if Mr.

Meier has been assaulted before cause how he acts and what he says? I wonder if he has eyes on the back of his head so he can see who is coming?


You can read more about Pete Meier Ahwatukee Realtor questionable character if you Google search these words:

thedirty pete meier realtor

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1014155

I would locate another realtor. Why take a chance?

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1014153

Here is a link to Mr. Meier's behavior on another website:


Pete Meier Ahwatukee Realtor? What is that?

I bet Pete pissed on the wrong guy/gal's Wheaties in the morning and this is the result. It doesnt seem it could harm your reputation if it occurred like Peter, Peter Pumkin Eater, seems to indicate.

Peter must have written or said something bad about somebody else so they just sent it back at him. Karma is a *** sometimes.


Sounds like there are no accusations when you admit to them?


"A fake review is easy to spot. It might be excessively negative or positive, or come in a series of testimonials using the same language.

Authors of spam reviews often have new Facebook or LinkedIn accounts that are obvious fakes."

This is a shameless hit piece on Pete, who has been selling real estate since Ahwatukee opened. The Ahwatukee Board of Management is a snake pit and this bogus complaint shows how far some people will go to preserve the status quo.

to DisgustedABMHomeowner #1017403

Uh-oh, sounds like someone is a hypocrite. You provide info about spotting fake, biased reviews and then say completely negative stuff yourself?

Are you a fake?

I live in Ahwatukee. If you don't pay your dues or have weeds, you're not going to like your HOA. I've found the Ahwatukee HOA a dream compared to others.

Sounds like you have your own issues with the HOA. As for snakes; they typically don't go looking to ***, they usually only do so when provoked.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #973906

Listen, if you're gonna toss some pretty hard accusations around that could harm a person's reputation or livelihood, then you need to have the courage to attach your name to them. I'm not saying your allegations are unfounded - I'm just saying that when it's a person versus a company you need more transparency yourself.

to Pete Meier #1101990

What's the point of anyone signing their name when you admit the allegations are not unfounded?! You signed YOUR name!

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